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A word about deadlines: University of Texas deadlines are firm. The UTeach program has some flexibility about our own deadlines, but we cannot admit anyone who has not been admitted to the University. Please meet all University deadlines and stay in touch with the UTeach program as you go.

UTeach offers individuals who have completed a Bachelor's degree the opportunity to complete requirements for certification in high school and/or middle school STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). You don't have to get a second degree in education or in the content area (math, chemistry, etc.) to earn certification. 

The advisor for degree-holders is Brett Westbrook. Prospective students are welcome to make an appointment to go over the program. Call 512 232 2770 to set up a time to come in and learn more about UTeach.

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Click here for application information.

Want more details about the program? Click here for our FAQs.

A note for prospective certifiers in mathematics: Students intending to certify in math may need to (re)take calculus. If you haven't had calculus in over 3 years, it is strongly recommended that you take a calculus course either at UT Austin or your local community college. The Automated Transfer Equivalency page can help you decide which courses to take.

ALEKS: This is the UT Math Assessment system. If you have successfully completed 2 semesters of calculus, you may be exempt. Otherwise, you should expect to complete ALEKS Math online. Click here for the ALEKS FAQs. Always get to ALEKS through the CNS portal. This way, you have access to the support systems here and your score is on file.

If you hold a degree, you need to apply to the University of Texas at Austin and to the UTeach Natural Sciences Program. Our program is housed in the College of Natural Sciences, not the College of Education. These are 2 separate applications. Do not send UTeach material, like the essays and letters of recommendation, to the University of Texas Office of Admissions. The UTeach program has no way to know that the material was sent and your application to our program will not be circulated.

1. Apply to the University of Texas at Austin as a degree-holder/non-degree seeker in the College of Natural Sciences (UTeach is housed in the College of Natural Sciences, not the College of Education). Click here for information for former UT students. Click here for admission information if you have never attended UT Austin. Check the status of your University application here.

2. Apply to the UTeach Natural Sciences program, which is housed in the College of Natural Sciences--not the College of Education.  Click here for an application. Email is the best way to make sure your application to the UTeach program is complete. Send your inquiry to Brett Westbrook, Senior Student Affairs Administrator. All students who apply to the University have a UT EID. Please include this in your email.

Prospective students must apply to the University of Texas as well as to the UTeach program.  The University of Texas has 2 different deadlines: 1 for former UT students and 1 for those who have never attended the University. Applicants must meet University deadlines. Please contact the Office of Admissions directly for questions about applying to the University.

University of Texas at Austin--former UT Austin students

Fall: July 1                Spring: December 1                Summer: May 1

University of Texas at Austin--never attended UT Austin

Fall and Summer: March 1             Spring: October 1

UTeach follows the University's deadlines with one exception: we do not consider applications over the summer. This means former UT Austin students must apply for fall admission no later than May 1st.

Fall and Summer: March 1 or May 1       

Spring: October 1 or December 1       

UTeach Natural Sciences circulates applications and reaches a decision as quickly as possible after each application period deadline. Applicants are informed of the decision by U.S. mail, so please make sure the street address on the application form is current.  Because admission to UTeach is contingent upon admission to the University, students will be notified of the results of their UTeach application only after decisions have been made by UT Austin.

The Austin Independent School District provides funds to UTeach students. Eligible degree-holders receive $1500/semester for their last 4 semesters. For administrative reasons, AISD funding may not be available to degree-holders in their first semester. Degree-holders must be registered for a minimum of 6 hours and must maintain a GPA of 2.75.

Take a look at the UTeach Scholarship page for more information.

The Office of Student Financial Aid can tell you about other funding options.

Tuition is a flat rate for undergraduates in the College of Natural Sciences.  Click here for a tuition schedule.

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